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Bankmed Namibia offers Members insurance for emergency medical expenses while they travel anywhere in the world.

The cover is limited to N$10 million and Members are covered for a period of 90 days per visit and a maximum of 180 days per annum whilst they are abroad.

Members who would like to make use of this benefit, have to complete an International Travel Insurance Declaration Form. The Form is available on the Administrator’s website ( or obtainable at any of the Methealth Namibia Administrators Client Service offices.

The Member will be issued with a certificate containing details of the cover and how to claim. Please ensure that you apply for the certificate before embarking on your trip.

Travel Insurance Hollard Claims Procedure

Remember that our liability will be limited to N$ 5,000 if you don't call us for authorisation to be admitted as an inpatient.

( IMPORTANT INFORMATION (Please see full Travel Insurance policy wording as this is only an extract)

Question 1: What do I do in case of an emergency whilst I am on holiday?

  • You must phone the emergency number +27 11 991 8610 prior to receiving any treatment where the cost is more than N$ 5,000.
  • If you are unconscious your travel companion must contact us within 24 hours of your admission. If You are travelling alone You must contact us within 24 hours of regaining consciousness

Question 2: How long after the claim event should I submit my Claim?

  • Claims should be submitted 30 calendar days within arrival back in Namibia.

Question 3: How do I submit a medical claim to my Travel Insurer?

  • Claim Submission OPTION 1: Step 1: Contact Yvandri Jansen van Vuuren to submit your claim:
  • Claim Submission OPTION 2: Step 1: Submit claim via the online claims submission option:

Question 4: What documentation do I need to submit?

  1. Itinerary: Original travel tickets for your booked itinerary (including tickets from/back to Namibia).
  2. Illness: we require a 6 months medical history from your usual GP.
  3. Illness and/or Injury: Detailed medical report including diagnosis from the treating medical practitioner abroad.
  4. Accident/injury: incident report/police report.
  5. All original invoices/receipts for expenses incurred.
  6. If claim is submitted on behalf of a deceased insured, we will require certified copies of the death certificate. If the insured passed away due to illness rather than as a result of injury, we require a medical certificate to be completed by the deceased’s usual GP.

Question 5: What is the maximum age for Travel Insurance Cover?

a) Cover is provided to an Insured Person under the age of 80 years on date of loss.

b) No cover is provided in respect of an Insured Person 70 years of age or older, relating to a Pre-existingmedical condition.

c) No cover is provided in respect of an Insured Person 66 years of age or older, relating to any cardiac or cardio vascular or vascular or cerebro vascular illness or conditions or sequelae thereof or complications that can reasonably be related thereto, whether preexisting or not


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