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André Smit

Chairperson - (Bank Windhoek)

J. C. Kruger

Trustee - (Bytes Technology)

Alfred Simasiku

Trustee - (Agricultural Bank)

Theopoltine Veii

Trustee - (Bank of Namibia)

Aileen Botha

Trustee - (Bank Windhoek)

Gerald Laubster

Trustee - (Welwitschia Insurance Brokers)

Elize Fahl

Principal Officer

Elifas Kamati

Trustee - (Bank of Namibia)

Johan Du Plessis

Trustee - (First National Bank)

Muhindua Kaura

Trustee - (Agricultural Bank)

Helen Potgieter

Trustee - (First National Bank)


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General Fund Information

Managed Healthcare

The Managed Health Care Department is the market leader in providing professional healthcare service to Members and Funds administered by Methealth Namibia Administrators. read more

HIV/AIDS Programme

Hospital Bedside Support Services

Chronic Medication Programme

Emergency Evacuation Services

Pregnant Members

Self Medication

Self-medication is medicine that can be obtained from the pharmacy for minor ailments.

Covered Medical Appliances

The following external medical appliances are covered by the Fund.


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The Lifestyle Management Programme

Lifestyle Management is a continuous process of making healthy lifestyle choices on a daily basis. It requires commitment to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, and we therefore want to assist you in breaking those bad habits that cause unnecessary health problems. read more

Healthy Lifestyle Programme for Individuals

Corporate Lifestyle Management Programme

Methealth Client Services

An open medical aid fund providing quality medical aid coverage to the whole of Namibia. See all branches